About the Author:
William Allen Anderson has extraordinary in-depth experience in designing computer information systems for manufacturing, banking, health-maintenence, and non-profit corporations.  While rising from Systems Anaylist to Chief Information Officer he has pioneered improving business processes and bringing $1,000,000's to the bottom lines for organizations.

He has taught systems anaylisis tools to perhaps more people in Southern California than any other one person.  Now, he brings this knowledge of the newest state-of-the-art methods to you on CD with over 60 PowerPoint slides accompanied with audio.

William Allen Anderson is now the Director of IT/IS Programs for the University of Redlands School of Business ranked among the finest by U.S. News & World Report.

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About System Analysis & Design

  In ninety minutes you will achieve 30 learning objectives that he personally selects as most important to know for systems anaylisys and design, knowledge required for both IT Professionals and Business Professionals.  For example, in 10 minutes you can learn how to design a database.  You will learn the structured meathods of process and data modeling.  You will learn what objects are all about, including the methods to define and design them for development.  You will understand that project management is more than a milestone chart in MS Project.  Most importantly you will see how the work of the systems anaylist can contribute $1,000,000's to the enterprise.

Benefit from the experience of a pioneer who designed an MRP system before the name was coined, developed real-time systems, transmitted simulation models over Arpanet (the forerunner of Interner), developed simulation models, installed the first on-line teller banking system, recovered $16,000,000 in lost revenue, and defined a 10-point financial control system to eliminate future risk.

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About Licensing the System Analysis & Design digitalSeminarTM:

The System Analysis & Design digitalSeminarTM is licensed for individual and organizational use on a single computer without duplication.

For licensing on a network or throughout an organization contact Pleier Corporation.

Organizations and individuals may use the digitalSeminarTM for conducting paid training seminars by forwarding $10 for each  attendee at the seminar to Pleier Corporation, P.O. Box 3900, Mission Viejo CA  92690 USA. telephone (949) 830-1575  fax (949) 830-1575. Email: licensing@pleier.com.

We hope this System Analysis & Design digitalSeminarTM helps you add value in your Information Technology projects!

William Allen Anderson is available to conduct both public training and in-house workshops.  He may be contacted at:

                    William Allen Anderson
                    c/o Pleier Corporation
                    P.O. Box 3900
                    Mission Viejo CA  92690
                    (949) 830-1575 USA

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