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Since 1986 Pleier Corporation has published and marketed digital products in the form of software.

In 1996 we expanded our offering to include multimedia and electronic publication.

We have developed a great deal of digital expertise including video editing, multimedia publishing, and electronic media publishing at a tremendous expense in both time and money.

If you have need for this type of expertise and would like to share this expertise, please call.

Multimedia and CD Resources

We have developed a wide variety of resources including the following:

·         Development software expertise including Macromedia Director and AutoPlay

·         Video editing using products including Adobe Premiere and Ulead

·         Graphics expertise in product including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat

·         Project management expertise including CD development and video projects

·         Cost-effective duplication services

·         Internet marketing expertise

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Examples of our Expertise

If you are considering creating digital products and would like cost-effective advice about creating or marketing, please review the following and call us at (949) 830-1575:

Tongren Seminar Series

Working with a John D. Tongren well-known expert in internal auditing converted PowerPoint presentations to digital products with synchronized digital soundtracks.

Please click to review these products - Operational Auditing: Adding Value to Organizations, Transition: Internal Audit to Internal Assurance, and Exeeding Expectations for Internal Auditors.  

Internal Auditor Toolkit digitalSeminarTM

Working with a Michael Lapelosa Audit Director for a major health insurance company converted a PowerPoint presentation to a digital product by:

1) adding a digital soundtrack

2) editing and rendering a digital video introduction

3) providing multimedia

Please click to review this product - Internal Auditor Toolkit .

Developed Related Material into Marketable CD's

Working with a variety of file formats including various graphic formats, MS Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader produced a number of professional quality CD-based products sold worldwide including:

1) packaging 

2) marketing

3) distribution

Please visit our web site at  to see summaries of these digital products.

Conference Handout CD

We designed several conference CD's by converting material in various format into professional quality CD formats resulting in the following benefits:

            1) reducing cost of printing

            2) reflecting a higher degree of professionalism for an organization

             3) reducing storage cost for attendees

             4) providing marketing material for the organization

             5) developing graphics and auto execute capabilities

Following are several examples of our work:

Fiduciary & Investment Risk Management Association

2009 image

2008 image

2007 image

Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors

Internal Auditor Division of Financial Managers Society

Click Review Conference Handout and the following appears:

Association of Healthcare Internal Auditing (AHIA)

We converted 5 years of the New Perspectives on Healthcare Auditing magazine to digital form.

This project involved:

1) editing and rendering digital video

2) scanning of 5 years of articles from paper

3) creating hyperlinks to all articles from a Five Year Index

Contact Information

If you would like additional information or help, please email or call (949) 830-1575 USA.

P.O. Box 3900 Mission Viejo, CA 92690-1900 USA
TEL (949) 830-1575 FAX (949) 203-6170