In addition to providing state-of-the-art client-server ADM PLUS Audit Management Systems, we also publish and market publications that help improve the productivity of Audit Departments.

We offer our own line of publication called "Professional Sharing" Series  - scroll down for details.

Professional Sharing Series Electronic Publications (CD)

The Professional Sharing Series of publications consists of material that we feel addresses the needs of busy Audit Professionals including complete seminars on CD called digitalSeminarsTM and informational publications on CD.  

If you would like to preview these CD's, double click on the following links:

21st Century Audit Management -  Opportunities and Challenges

Auditing Fraud

Auditing IT Infrastructures

Auditing Purchasing and Contracts

Control Self Assessment

Internal Auditor Toolkit

Modern Integrated Audit Approach

Risk Management

Risk Management and Risk Assessment

Systems Analysis & Design

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There is no cost to clients with a current service contract.

NOTE: We are seeking authors with professional quality audit-related content that would like to partner to publish electronic publications. Please contact us to discuss. Associate  
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Author - Author

It is an exciting feeling to publish an article.

We are always looking for potential authors that would like to publish material in the Audit Productivity Trends Newsletter, Professional Sharing Series, or in other publication.

We have published a number of articles by users and would like to continue that sharing.  We have 3 types of resources available to facilitate your writing effort:

1) An excellent editor who is available for assistance in finalizing articles for publication. In addition to being responsible for all of Pleier & Associates publication for over 5 years. She has helped a number of authors writing books on subject with a wide variety of topics from life aboard an aircraft carrier during World War 2 to the history of cryptography.

2) A transcriber available to convert an article from cassette tape to MS Word or WordPerfect file.

3) A digital video camera, a digital camera, and a regular camera.

All of the above services are available to authors at no cost for articles related to ADM PLUS.

Additionally, we have been approached on number of occasions by editors of publications to furnish information or articles about ADM PLUS and use of information technology for audit management.

If you are interest in authoring an article - large or small - related to ADM PLUS, please contact us.

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