How do I use the CD

Move the cursor and click what you want - click here for instructions in Acrobat PDF format

Is ADM PLUS Compatible with Windows XP and Vista

Yes, ADM PLUS Version 2 shipped after 2002 is designed to be compatible with Windows XP and WindowsVista (32-bit) as well as Windows 2000.

If you purchased ADM PLUS and have difficulty converting to MS Access format for special reporting you need to acquire an upgrade.

Contact Pleier Corporation

What training is available for ADM PLUS

Web-based training - see

On-site training 

What is the Best Way to Move ADM PLUS to Another Computer

Install ADM PLUS on the new computer.

Execute ADM PLUS, select Production, and Index Databases.

Copy all files from the ADMWIN>PROD (or wherever you installed ADM PLUS) to the PROD directory of the new computer.

Index Databases.

Process normally.

Does Data Entered in the Evaluation Convert Into the Production Version


ADM PLUS recognizes that data has been entered.

ADM PLUS modifies the databases structures if needed.

Overall Approach to Implementing ADM PLUS

A) Planning is where all activity starts. Projects remain in LRP as long as that item is a potential audit. That is why all long term planning uses Business Unit and Project Name instead of Project Number. LRP contains history of the last 3 times a project was completed and the hours used.

B) PPC Projects are much more detailed because that is where the actual time is charged by auditor to a specific project or task.

C) Admin is a separate item because the detailed information is a high level.

Version 1.4 will contain links to move LRP projects that are to be performed next year into PPC and to copy the actual hours used to LRP from PPC. That will be available by year end.

What is the risk model:

Note: A Risk Management Electronic Publication is available on CD click here  to see this in detail.

A. Risk Management is performed on 1 business unit.

B. All projects (potential audits and administrative projects) are entered for the business unit.

C. One set of Risk Factors (up to 30 risk factors) is defined for a business unit. The numbers of Risk Factors to be used is set in Utilities>System Wide Standards. The exact Risk Factors are determined by each organization.

D. One relative weight (.001 to 1.000 - 9.999 works but is not encouraged) is defined for each risk factor for a specific business unit.

E. After you have completed risk management several times, you can define risk ranges and set AutoCycle On for many of your projects. That causes ADM PLUS to look up in the table you setup (risk ranges) to determine what cycle to put into that record (how frequently to perform the project).

F. After the above steps, you perform risk management by reviewing each project:

1. put in assigned values for each risk factor using your business unit standards

2. Set On or Off automatic features

G. Risk Ranking for each project is equal to the accumulation of each assigned value times that risk factor's relative weight Use of Link Number

Link number is a permanent number (letters & numbers) assigned in LRP and unique in LRP. That link number follows a project through PPC into Recommendation Tracking. You can use that number for special reporting.

ADM PLUS copies the actual time charged in PPC to LRP using Business Unit and Link Number.

How to define Standard Tasks:

Select to use standard tasks by selecting both Use Tasks and Use Standard Task in Utilities>System Wide Standards. Define specific standard tasks to be used such as - 10 is planning in Utilities>System Wide Standards>Standard Task Update.

When you add tasks, ADM PLUS will prompt you for adding standard tasks.

What does Generate Reporting Databases Do:

In PPC Generate Reporting Database combines project and task information entered in planning, timesheet information, cost information, and prior period information into databases that create all the reports under PPC>Reporting.

How to import information into ADM PLUS from In-house Systems:

To import information into ADM PLUS:

Can We Receive Support Without a Service Contract

Yes, each call is $95 for up to 1/2 hour of support plus $95 each part of additional half hours (or $120 an hour for longer requirements).

A credit card is required.

Why Don't We Hear More About ADM PLUS at Conferences

Pose that question to the Program Chair when planning starts for a conference or seminar.

We are continually sending information about ADM PLUS to Program Chairs suggesting that their program include information about ADM PLUS presented by one of us or one of our many clients.

When we are aware of any sessions that relates to ADM PLUS, we list it on the Latest News page of the web site.

How Can I Order a Copy of ADM PLUS

E-commerce web page, telephone (949) 830-1575 USA, fax (949) 203-6170, or e-mail

Get a purchase order prior to calling us - if that is your organization's requirement.

How Long Does It Take to Receive an Order

You can download your production version from the web site as you do with the evaluation version.

Are there Any Other Language Versions of ADM PLUS Besides English

Not at this time.

We are very interested in jointly developing International versions.

If I Can Not Find the License Can I Still Get Support

Pleier Corporation retains a copy of all Site/LAN/WAN licenses.

Can Licenses be Transferred

Because of the concerns with viruses and other integrity problems, we will not support software that is not shipped directly from Pleier Corporation.

Can ADM PLUS be Customized

Yes, ADM PLUS can be customized.

Any additional reporting can be performed using the Export function contained in Consolidation or DB Export function.  Then perform reporting using the software tools that you already have.

Anything can be customized working through Pleier Corporation.

What Guaranties Does ADM PLUS Come with

All warranties are described in the manual.

Pleier Corporation also provides an unconditional refund of the purchase price to any client unhappy with ADM PLUS that returns it to Pleier Corporation within 60 days of the shipment date.

The refund excludes postage and handling and any consulting time used by the organization.

When Moving Projects from Long Range Planning to PPC Auditor Name is Blank and Can't be Updated

Exit Project Edit.

Add an Auditor to Personnel named UNASSIGNED.

Now when you edit that project in PPC, you can now update the auditor's name.

You can instead leave the auditor's name as UNASSIGNED and select the Anyone Can Charge option.

When Our Organization Requested Information About ADM PLUS from a Company that Reviews Software We Received a really old Review

The review that you are referencing was completed without our knowledge by a company that had minimal contact with us. That company decided to develop in-house. From what we were told that was the only review that is the basis for this software review.

Since 1990 Pleier Corporation has invested over $1,000,000 into ADM PLUS.

Pleier Corporation in most cases is not aware that these reviews exist.

Companies that offer software reviews should keep them current or not offer that service.

If you encounter these circumstances, please contact us and also request that the company offering the review keep their reviews current.

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